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Since the age of 15, Jonathan Parker has hated himself. He was institutionalized for three months and he learned he was suffering from clinical depression and social anxiety. He has attempted suicide twice. He knows he needs counseling, but has been scared of opening up to anyone. He wants to stop his anger, resentment, and hatred that has turned inward to disappear from his life. Can Dr. Dollar help?

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Matthieu has recovered physically from multiple bouts with cancer and has a newfound sense of spirituality, but is still struggling with the fear of having his dreams snatched away by illness again.

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After suffering through the horror of being continuously molested and raped by his family, church members and random strangers and failing at his eventual attempt to have a family of his own, Bill Haley struggles with many demons. Now as a minister he counsels others but is still searching for his own inner peace.

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Dean Sikes, through the organization You Matter, offers a unique approach to tackling life’s tough issues head on, especially when dealing with teen suicide, self-esteem, and bullying. Each year, over 1 million people take their lives through suicide and it is the 3rd leading cause of death among teens. Dean brings a message of hope to today’s teens. Since 1993, he has spoken at over one thousand nine hundred events, in nine nations of the world, with audiences that exceed 1.3 million people. In addition to his road schedule, Dean is a published author who, to date, has written sixteen books for teenagers and their parents.

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During Sheena Wombie’s 2018 interview on Your World has helped hundreds of viewers who wrote and called in how much they were blessed by her story, and through Dr. Dollar’s words of encouragement and counseling. Her life improved soon after appearing on our program, and she’s here today as a testimonial to the moving and real presence of God’s Grace, and Dr. Dollar’s counseling taking root.

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When LaToya Graham was only four years old, her father was brutally murdered by his girlfriend in a crime of passion, leaving Latoya and her two sisters to be raised by her mother and grandparents. But when Latoya turned twenty, the rest of her family, one by one,began to pass away too. Her Aunt died in 2005, and she lost her Grandfather 9 months later. Four months after that, her mother was. gone. Each death drove despair into her soul, and she started to believe that God was no longer paying attention. Recently, her two nephews’ natural father returned to the scene and won custody of the boys away from Latonya, forbidding contact. Latonya feels completely broken, and says she no longer ‘knows who she is anymore’. She still takes care of her autistic sister, and, despite now being engaged to be married, believes that life is fundamentally tragic and offers no real chance at happiness. She is a ghost of herself. She wants, more than anything, to experience healing.

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The Grace Life Academy is an interactive online discipleship library. But not just ANY library, this is a special collection of Dr. Dollar’s unlimited teachings from the Word of God aimed at helping people understand how the power of God’s grace is in every aspect of their lives.

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David Willson has been a man who has faithfully served God. He committed much of his life to Church. His son, Harrison, was born with a ‘hole in his heart,’ and died from a blood clot at 18. David and his wide were devastated, rocked by grief, angry at everyone, including God. Why did God let this happen?

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Tameka Anderson was born addicted to crack cocaine, to a drug-addicted 20-year-old mother who never wanted her. From birth, Tameka and her siblings lived in fifteen different Foster homes until she was 16. Tameka’s feelings of abandonment and loss of control continued into her adulthood, as she started dating without being emotionally available for the sole reason that they ‘liked her’. Fear of the man leaving her would make her lash out at them and tear down anything they had built together, until she found herself alone again. Tameka needs help to recognize what’s so wrong and dysfunctional in her that she sabotages every relationship she attempts.

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Renetta has been victimized by violent rape many times throughout her life by those in positions of power she thought could be trusted. Her daughter Hope has now also fallen victim to the same cycle.