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Don't Panic, Part 2

Don’t Panic, Part 2

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This Weeks Show:
Don’t Panic, Part 2

These days, tuning in to the news has become a horrific experience. It seems the world is taking on the eerie appearance of having a major meltdown. Hate is rising up, and the tension in our country is leaving us feeling bewildered. It can be intimidating at best, completely terrifying at worst…

So, what do you do… what do you tell your children?

On this episode of Your World, we’re going to have a real conversation about the fear and anxiety that surrounds us. My guest today is a personal friend of mine and a voice to the subject of fear and division. Together, we’re going to acknowledge the problems in our nation and what to do.

This conversation NEEDS to be had… and that’s why we’re here, today. I invite you to join me for this special edition of Your World.

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